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Plissed Skirt Plissed Skirt
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Constellation Legging with Pocket - Luxy Beachwear Constellation Legging with Pocket - Luxy Beachwear
s m l
- Modeling that values the body
- Waist-high
- Fused internal pocket for cell phone,
key or card
- Dynamic print
- Soft fabric with UV50+ protection
Sunset Legging - Luxy Beachwear Sunset Legging - Luxy Beachwear
s m l
- High-Waist
- Compression
- Soft-touch
- FPU50+ sun protection
- Inner side in polyamide and black to avoid transparency
- External side is polyester for better fixation of the print

The print of this legging is the highlight of the piece, with a combination of colors that will be super popular this season. Despite being light colors, the leggings are black inside, making transparency not an issue. The model also has a high waistband, bringing more comfort to the abdominal region, and also has FPU50+ protection.


Malaga Legging - Luxy Beachwear Malaga Legging - Luxy Beachwear
s m l
- Infinite waistband
- Great elasticity
- High coverage
- UV50+ protection

The legging comes with our Malaga Top Double-Sided. The modeling has a high and infinite waistband that brings comfort and side details that lengthen and sharpen the silhouette. Made of Malaga fabric, it also has excellent elasticity, and excellent coverage that prevents transparency and UV protection.

Oxy Legging - Luxy Beachwear Oxy Legging - Luxy Beachwear
s m l
- High-Waist
- Side details 
- Striped and slightly glossy fabric
- Soft-touch
- UV50+ protection

A perfect gray legging to accompany any type of workout and combine with several tops, from this and other families in the collection. Its waistband is high, ensuring comfort and safety in the abdominal region, and its modeling has pink side details that bring style and a feeling of a thinner and elongated silhouette. The fabric has a streak and shine that make the leggings even more beautiful, in addition to providing a soft touch and UV50+ protection.
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